Rhode Island Immigration Laws

With over 37 years of dedicated legal advocacy, the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli represents clients before USCIS, ICE and the Immigration Court. We provide effective legal representation for immigrants, employers and families. Through a comprehensive analysis of the facts of your case and your immigration and criminal history, we will provide sage legal counsel and representation to you and explore the best options for you under U.S. immigration laws.

Skillful Legal Representation in Employment Based and Family-Based Immigration Matters

At the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli in East Providence, Rhode Island, we assist clients in the following types of immigration matters:

  • Employment visas– Our legal team can explore your options to hire a skilled foreign employee through obtaining an A visa for career diplomats, an H visa for temporary workers, an L visa for intra-company transferees or other visa options for workers in certain occupations or with extraordinary abilities.
  • Family visas– Our legal advocates can review your situation and determine if you can sponsor a family member based on your legal status.
  • I-9 compliance– The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to check that all employees have legal status. We can assist you with completing the necessary checks to ensure you are compliant with these rules.
  • Green card applications– We help individuals and employers petition for permanent resident status based on a family relationship, employment status or as an asylee or refugee.
  • Naturalization applications– We can help your dream of becoming a citizen come true by assisting you with the naturalization process.

The stakes of an immigration case are high, and it is critical to the potential success of your case to work with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about immigration law.

Dedicated Legal Assistance in Removal and Criminal Immigration Matters in Rhode Island

We also assist clients who are being threatened with the possibility of criminal deportation or removal. By carefully reviewing your family situation and the particular legal issues involved in your case, we can craft a customized legal strategy to fight for your right to remain in this country.

Contact an Experienced Rhode Island Immigration Attorney to Schedule a Confidential Consultation

If you would like to proactively seek immigration status or need to lodge a defense to removal, the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli can help. We will discuss the particular facts involved in your case during a confidential consultation. We will then develop a legal strategy tailored to the particular circumstances involved in your case and work diligently to advance your interests. To schedule your confidential consultation with a skilled Rhode Island immigration attorney, call (401) 434-5887 or contact us online.