Rhode Island Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime is one of the most frightening experiences you can have and one of the most crucial times when you need to hire a lawyer. These charges threaten your reputation, livelihood, and liberty. It is paramount that you have a skilled attorney on your side that has the experience and knowledge to aggressively fight to protect your rights. With over 37 years of legal experience, and as the founding attorney of the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli, I am familiar with the criminal justice system and will zealously defend you to pursue the best possible outcome. I help you level the playing field when you are confronted by an aggressive prosecutor. Trust my track record of successful outcomes in criminal cases by retaining my services for your criminal case.

Competently Handling a Wide Variety of Criminal Defense Cases

At the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli, we help individuals who are facing criminal charges of:

  • DUI – As an experienced trial attorney, I know the many ways that a person can be charged with DUI even if he or she is not intoxicated. I will conduct a thorough investigation into your charges and analyze the intricacies of the case to determine your most viable defense.
  • Violent crimes – Violent offenses like homicide, manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery, and assault, and battery carry some of the heftiest penalties in Rhode Island. It is important that you have an experienced attorney who can present your defense of mistaken identity, false accusation, self-defense, mental illness or other defenses that apply to your case.
  • Drug crimes – We zealously defend East Providence residents and visitors who are charged with drug possession, manufacturing or trafficking charges. We explore the underlying arrest or search to determine if there were constitutional violations that require the suppression of evidence or dismissal of the charges.
  • Sex crimes – Conviction of a sex crime can permanently damage your reputation and subject you to the requirement to register as a sex offender. We zealously represent individuals who are charged with serious sex crimes, such as rape, sexual assault, child pornography, prostitution or solicitation.
  • Property crimes – We defend clients against theft crimes, such as burglary, grand theft or petty theft, as well as white collar crimes, such as embezzlement or tax evasion.

East Providence residents trust my law office to protect their rights and provide aggressive legal representation throughout all stages of the case.

Why Choose the Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli for Your Criminal Defense?

The Law Office of Frederic A. Marzilli has a reputation for excellence that it has established throughout the last 37 years through committed legal representation and a record of success. We provide individualized defense strategies that are crafted on our investigation into your case. We also inform our clients of where they are at every step of the case so they are always informed about their status. Call us at (401) 434-5887 or contact us online to discuss your case with a seasoned legal professional.